Welcome to the Min

Min Young, I, well both of us, we strive to write poetry and fiction that is not formula based, although we might slip into the occasional sonnet.  My our goal is to thoughtfully connect outside the formulas of common plot and voice, to literarily (not a word according to some autocorrect) and frequently split the infinitive, to tell not show or show not tell and to perhaps use the overused word said again.  I am a sucker for a marginalized word.

I strive to write a new mythology, in the belief that our archetypes to date have brought us away from any Eden, if Eden was ever where we wanted to be.  I never was constructed from a rib, I can tell you that.  I was born of air and flight.  I am a bit of an ibis.  Goofy, too frequently sticking my beak in the ground, and surprisingly finding some nourishment there.

Writing is a collaborative process between the reader and the writer, not a show born of applause and rankings. although those are nice.  The writer writes to connect, and the reader reads for the same experience, even though the point of connection likely would surprise each, were it ever revealed or known.  I hope you find some connection in this writing.